What Should I Consider When Hiring Movers - Movers Questions
1.00 When hiring a mover, will they hook up your electronics?

Q. I am moving tomorrow, I have hired professional movers to do the job. My big concern is that I have no clue on how to hook up my VCR, DVD players. Does anyone know if they would hook that kind of stuff up for me?

A. The movers have never hooked up my electronics and I have moved many times. You can, however, contact services and businesses (Best Buy did mine) in the city you move to and hire them to do it for you. Movers basically move your goods from one location to another, they do not have the technical skill or insurance to hook up electronics, best to leave that to those who do.

1.00 What does it cost for professional movers?

Q. Typical 3 bedroom detached home, 2 adults 1 kid. Moving 400 kms Just a ballpark so I know weather to get a real quote or not. Is it $1000 or $12000 etc...

A. Even a ballpark quote would depend on where you live and where you're moving to. I moved recently and would've had to pay $100 per hour (3 hour minimum) if I had hired professional movers. However here are some websites that will give you quotes on the cost of hiring professional movers: http://www.vanlines.com/?eng=ihome http://www.us-moving.com/?wm_ctID=106&wm_kwID=783257&wm_crID=907475&wm_lpID=88386 http://www.movers411.com/ I hope this helps.

1.00 Can someone tell me good packers and movers for Ujjain to Kanpur?

Q. I want to shift house hold items from ujjain to kanpur. Please some one tell me good packers and movers.Who can shift my House hold items for less than 23000.

A. How to Choose a Packers and Movers in India Finding a Packers and Movers for your household relocation can be a really cumbersome task. As packers and movers service providers are not well organised and not fully eqipped to grab the online customer need. To tap the potential of world wide web packers and movers companies will have to become net savvy so that they can better interact with their clients and provide the requisite information to customer for their relocation need. Slowly packers and movers companies are making use of world wide web and making their online presence in Indian transportation context. PackersMoversDirectory.org has made an effort to bring all the packes and movers service providers under one platform. This effort will stand in good stead for packers and movers companies as well as packers and movers service seekers. With this view PackersMoversDirectory.org has brought maximum packers and movers of country under its portal. Moreover the packers and movers service providers are now grouped and segregated for various cities across India. This will enable the packers and movers service seeker to contact the packers and movers of the particular cities from where he or she is making the relocation move. This effort would save the customers precious time and hence making the better utilisation of their time and service and avoide groping in dark in search of packers and movers service providers. How to make Effective use of Packers and Movers Service When you want to relocate from one place to another then it becomes a kind of burden as how the luggage will be moved, whom to entrust the household luggage, which company is worth hiring, how long it will take to reach the household destination, which are national packers and movers company, how to start a conversation with packers and movers, how to find the best relocation company for relocation to international destination, what documents are required for international move etc. For successful completion and timely execution of any task how small it may be but it requires planning and working on plan. Thus moving from one place to another is a big task and it involves various process and various agencies to make a successful move from one place to another. Whether you want to relocate your household goods, industry, office furniture, home, appartment, industrial goods, cargo, machinery, heavy equipment, plans, air and sea freights and cargo etc. While you plan to move any of the above thing you need to make a clear cut plan and put things in order. Whether you want to move your household goods own your own or you want to make use of Packers and Movers service providers but you need to plan a little bit for moving the stuff. First you need to find the packers and movers service providers who can move your luggage from your city. Verifying the authenticity and reliability and network of packers and movers service providers for various source such as friends, peer gruoup, internet etc and also cross check the complaints against packing and moving companies who will be moving your household stuff. After you have zeroed in on a packers and movers company for your relocation then you need to decide the date of packing and moving your goods after consulatation with packers and movers service providers. Always avoide the eleventh hour packing to save you from worry of leaving trains or flight as times might create small hurdle and machinery might break down and your packing might be delayed so alwyas insist on packing of goods well in advance. Ensure wheter the packers and movers is delivering your goods at your doorstep or you will have to pick up from their godown, Wheter the packers and movers will unpack and rearrage your kitchenware, bedroom, drawing room stuff or you will have to do it own your own, if they do it for you will the charge extra for it, or it is included in packing and moving quotation. If you keep this in mind you can surely make better use of packers and movers. http://www.packersmoversdirectory.org/ http://www.packersmoversdirectory.com/gwalior.html http://www.clickindia.com/detail.php?id=299502

1.00 Where can I find apartment movers for a reasonable price?

Q. I am moving and I need to know if there are any movers that charge a reasonable price. The ones i have gotten a quote from has been 240-270 and that is too much because I am just moving up the street 15 min away from where I am now.

A. Unfortunately, the rates you mentioned are the market standard. I would suggest renting the moving truck yourself and hiring teenagers looking for a summer job.(?)

1.00 How many hours a week do HVAC/R Service Technicians work?


A. Overtime is one reason I retired early. They WILL want to burn you out on work. Counting an hour of unpaid travel time a day, I averaged 55-60 hours in a five day week. They wanted a six day often too. I was doing repairs only. They generally don't mind paying overtime as long as there is plenty of work out there. You are an "income generator" and they make a profit off every hour you work. If they have to turn down jobs they get no income from them. Yes, they try to size the crew to reduce overtime BUT the major company I worked for was always hiring a little and never enough. There seems to be more work than people, always, except early spring and early fall between seasons. Those periods are also when they want you to take your vacations. Good Luck.

1.00 Calling all handy men!! help cleaning my air ducts?

Q. We are getting ready to have our second child and my hubby wants to clean out or vents/ducts (whatever lol). we live in a double wide and he wanted to know the best way to clean them out thoroughly without hiring someone. when i clean i will sometimes vaccuum out what i can see of the vents but we want to get them like new again. any tips would be great! thanks =) EDIT i should have said Handy Men or Women lol...just in case =)

A. You have to have the necessary tools.which have the brushes and sanitizer applicators etc..By the time you buy all of these you could hire Stanley Steamer for as cheap..Here is a link ..calll them they do give free estimates... http://www.stanleysteemer.com/Price.aspx

1.00 How to clean my own air duct vents?


A. Dissemble your ducts and clean them by hand (will take days) or buy a 10,000 duct cleaner like the pros use. not to sound flippant but this is best done by the pros.chemical costs, buying the equipment(brushes and such) just cost more than hiring someone

1.00 How often do you clean your dryer vent?

Q. This is the cleaning that involves hiring a professional or disconnecting the hose and using a long brush to clean. I don't mean cleaning the lint out of the lint trap. I mean something like: http://www.chimkc.com/dryerventcl.htm

A. As a general rule the vent should be cleaned out twice a year. If you incorporate the cleaning of the vent with getting ready for the winter and getting ready for the summer you will not neglect cleaning out the dryer vent and it will keep the dryer drying as efficiently as possible and also keep the utility bills to a minimum.

What Should I Consider When Hiring Movers

 Movers - What Should I Consider When Hiring Movers Picking the right mover is extremely important. Having the right mover on hand to pack and move your stuff can take much of the strain out of moving. You have to make sure that you hire a mover who is backed by solid references. Look at his online reputation as well, and call references to see what kind of experience they had with him.

 Movers Contractors For What Should I Consider When Hiring Movers In Toronto, On You must be sure that the mover you plan to hire has a license with the US DOT, STATE DOT or ICC. This is a must for all movers. Also, check the limit of insurance coverage individually. There is no particular fixed limit that all moving companies follow. It differs from one mover to another. You may also find that every mover has an estimate that's very different from the other for the same moving service. This is why you must get estimates from quite a few of them, and then decide. You must not only pick the one who is economic, but also the one has a good reputation. So don’t forget to ask for a few references and verify how good the mover is.

Get the pick-up and delivery dates on paper. Discuss with him which of the boxes need special care while handling. Don’t forget to tell the mover about any specific situations or conditions at your new place that could impact the moving process. For instance, are there elderly people in your new building who could be disturbed by too much noise? Are there several stairs that the mover may have to climb to get to your apartment? Once he has loaded all of your things, then you must get a bill of lading signed.

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