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1.00 What is the entry level salary for a Residential HVAC/R Service Technician with about a year of tech school?


A. You'd be surprised.... You'd be doing good to make 14/hour. I just finished a tech school with all 4.0 GPA's and no one wants to pay me a lot, because I have no experience.

1.00 Tradesmen.. Any out there?

Q. I am looking for anyone in the HVAC trade... have a couple questions regarding good jobs in the Tampa Bay area... Anyone looking for a great Service Technician... Any HVAC people out there?

A. Commercial, residential, industrial you will need to check out this link to get you started.

1.00 Which way do you turn a HVAC service valve to front seat it?

Q. If it is different for different manufacturers valves, how do you tell the difference? Talking about a late model Goodman residential unit here?

A. If you need to ask , you need a pro.. but a pro would probably tell you clock-wise.

1.00 HVAC Service Tech Job Outlook? And Is 40 Too Late?

Q. I just turned 40 and am looking at switching careers. Been self-employeed for 15 years and am burned out. The type of work I do has kept me in good physical condition. It involves me working outside year round and being at several different locations during the day, both of which I enjoy...despite Cleveland winters. That part of the HVAC Service field attracts me since I enjoy being "out and about", interacting with new people, etc. I'm also fairly handy with a multimeter, having a basic knowledge of electronics, and can troubleshoot sensors/etc on vehicles, along with decent mechanical skills. I enjoy troubleshooting things. For all the above reasons I think I'd like the HVAC field. Few questions: If I only want to be a service tech (not do installs), and would prefer residential work with some light commercial thrown in maybe, would I be considered too old? I can't see that involving too much physical labor. I hear the market is good? Trade Schools In Cleveland? Etc. Thanks!

A. Be ready to spend some bread to get your certification. get an EPA type III certification and get some NATE certification too. most companies wont hire a service guy off the street. the company i work for tried it twice with terrible results. i was install forman for a year before i moved up to service...and i only was moved up to replace a guy who quit. service man jobs are cushy and coveted. to me, being 40 is a plus...not a minus. most 40 year old men have their lives strait, ain't on dope and show up for work at least 4 days a week.........big pluses id say go for'll make install forman fast....and who knows....service may be in your future Possum, hvac guy

1.00 How much does trade school typically cost?

Q. For example, for residential HVAC services?

A. I've heard most people spending about $3500-$4000 on the getting certified.

1.00 Would this be a good time to start franchising my business?

Q. I clean carpets. I do a really good job and made some really good choices in equipment. I got in at a relatively low cost compared to some others. Despite the weak economy, I'm doing well. I am doing over $4,000 a week in sales. I have two techs on the road, I do sales and estimates, sometimes I clean carpets too. I started this alone in 1997. Honestly, the first year was tough, but I hired my first helper in 1998. 2001 was about as bad as my first year and I worked alone from spring of 2001 until summer of 2002, Since the summer of 2002, things have gotten better and better every month. I'd like to think I am an expert in this business. I have successful experience as well as over 500 hours of formal training from trade associations and manufacturers. I do both residential and commercial work. I see some companies sell you about $3,000 worth of equipment and train you for about 30 hours. They charge you 5x the cost because I suppose they consider their training so valuable. I once hired an employee of a franchise. He was not very good. He had more training in high pressure sales tactics than anything else. I think I'm better than that. I operate my business based on quality work at a fair price, not grab the cash and dash. This business isn't going to make you rich, but it pays OK, if you want to work hard. I fear most people looking into franchises are looking to get rich quick. I can't help you with that. Any ideas are appreciated.

A. From what you've said, you sound like you have your stuff together. I mean, you've been in business for about 12 years, so the experience is there. I believe you could do well on improving your business, no matter how the market is right now. I think it mainly depends on how you market yourself and your business!

1.00 How are residential consumers charged for electric service?


A. They are charged by the amount oe electricity they use. Each residence has an electric meter that measures the amount of electricity used in a month. This usage is either obtained by a power company employee reading the meter or in some cases it is estimated based on history. The power company will then send the customer a bill. The cost of the electricity will vary depending on the power companies policies.

1.00 How much does roofers insurance cost? I'm a one-man show for residential work looking for the cheapest policy?


A. It depends on where you are located, your gross revenue, your experience and whether or not you do any hot tar work. If you are experienced and do not hot tar work then a Commercial General Liability policy with minimum liability limits can cost between $600-$1,000 depending on where you live. You will have to contact a few insurance brokers in your area (look in the phone book) as this is not a type of policy that can be purchased online.

Residential Movers

 Movers - Residential Movers A residential move calls for a lot of planning in advance. You could be moving to another place down the lane, to the next city or state. You'll find home movers to help you out with anywhere you relocate. You could find them online or get in touch with them through agents who furnish you with all the info you need about that particular moving company. You could look them up a telephone directory.

 Movers Contractors For Residential Movers In Toronto, On Moving house requires professional packing and moving to make sure that all of your stuff is intact. Also, in case you are moving to another state then hiring a moving company not only ensures that your things are delivered safely, but also gives you an insurance coverage benefit. So you can claim benefits if your items get lost. These movers need to have a license depending on whether they are local movers, interstate movers or cross country movers. They should have been licensed with US DOT, STATE DOT or ICC.

Usually when you give a moving company a call, a representative drops by at your place. After he has a look at all your stuff, he works out a moving company’s estimate to move it all for you. Most of these professionals are experienced and know how to take care of your stuff. However, you must ask them if the estimate is inclusive of loading, unloading, packing, moving and storage. You must also ask them about the coverage limit that they offer as it differs from company to company. Having an idea of how they are charging you is useful as sometimes your goods could exceed the list as there are always friends who could drop by to return something. This is why you must be sure of what is the cost per square foot or for every kilogram that you might add up. This way you are prepared for any surcharges.

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