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1.00 Tradesmen.. Any out there?

Q. I am looking for anyone in the HVAC trade... have a couple questions regarding good jobs in the Tampa Bay area... Anyone looking for a great Service Technician... Any HVAC people out there?

A. Commercial, residential, industrial you will need to check out this link to get you started.

1.00 What exactly is this job? Installing batteries?

Q. Installation Technician needed for local battery installation company. Nationwide travel, 3 weeks per month. All expenses paid. -AC and DC power experience a plus -Telecommunications experience a plus -Must be able to lift 75 lbs -Organizational and Communication skills are a necessity Serious candidates only, position available immediately. Reply with Resume to e-mail address above. •Location: Raleigh, NC •Compensation: $15-$18 per hour •Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. •Please, no phone calls about this job! •Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. I'm actually a mobile electronics installer and am MECP certified, but i've just never heard of a battery installer, though i have heard of batter/tire installers, but not making that much money. Figured i'd ask here before shooting an email.

A. Key words; Installation technician, battery installation company Sounds like installing battery's... I would also email them if the ad does not give anymore details. It would be good to know what sort of batteries for what sort of equipment.

1.00 HVAC Service Tech Job Outlook? And Is 40 Too Late?

Q. I just turned 40 and am looking at switching careers. Been self-employeed for 15 years and am burned out. The type of work I do has kept me in good physical condition. It involves me working outside year round and being at several different locations during the day, both of which I enjoy...despite Cleveland winters. That part of the HVAC Service field attracts me since I enjoy being "out and about", interacting with new people, etc. I'm also fairly handy with a multimeter, having a basic knowledge of electronics, and can troubleshoot sensors/etc on vehicles, along with decent mechanical skills. I enjoy troubleshooting things. For all the above reasons I think I'd like the HVAC field. Few questions: If I only want to be a service tech (not do installs), and would prefer residential work with some light commercial thrown in maybe, would I be considered too old? I can't see that involving too much physical labor. I hear the market is good? Trade Schools In Cleveland? Etc. Thanks!

A. Be ready to spend some bread to get your certification. get an EPA type III certification and get some NATE certification too. most companies wont hire a service guy off the street. the company i work for tried it twice with terrible results. i was install forman for a year before i moved up to service...and i only was moved up to replace a guy who quit. service man jobs are cushy and coveted. to me, being 40 is a plus...not a minus. most 40 year old men have their lives strait, ain't on dope and show up for work at least 4 days a week.........big pluses id say go for'll make install forman fast....and who knows....service may be in your future Possum, hvac guy

1.00 What is the criteria to land a career as a commercial HVAC salesman?

Q. I have a strong intrest in design and I have been a service mechanic for 12 years. I want to cross over to either sales,design or estimating. Preferably a combo of all three. Do I need to obtain a bachelors degree?

A. You have the correct background. Apply at the major brands and see if they will give you a chance to call on some customers. You do not need a bachelors degree. Remember that Bill Gates dropped out of college and he did pretty well for himself..

1.00 Carpet extractor modified to also clean air ducts and chimneys. Is this possible?

Q. I'm a do it your selfer. I was looking into buying a used commercial carpet extractor for home use and found one for sale by an individual which was modified to also clean chimneys and air vents. He says it has microfilters to prevent contaminants from leaving the vacuum. Is this too good to be true?

A. Yup. Considering that a carpet extractor is designed to suck wet from the carpet and dump it into water and thus has no filters, adding them would be a mess and absurd. A heavy dry vacuum with microfilters added to regular filters would make more sense.

1.00 I have 1500 sq. ft of carpet cleaned. Any one knows a good commercial cleaning service in the 21227 area?

Q. I have a commercial building that has 1500sq. ft of carpet that needs to be cleaned. I'm looking for a local cleaning company in the 21227 area that has reasonable rates & good service. Any recommendation would be welcome!

A. Check out BO-MAR Industries, Inc. you can view their site at They provide safe products and services.

1.00 Where can i buy a car carpet shampooer?

Q. Looking at starting up my own interior/exterior car detailing shop and was wondering where i could buy a carpet shampooer or something that will clean carpets to make them look excellent again any help would be appreciated. thanks guys. well what about carpet extractors.. when u go and get your car detailed the stuff and machines they are using is not what u find at wal-mart or target.

A. Try Wal-Mart by the vacuums. The Green Machine is an option. I use mine on my vehicles. There isn't a carpet shampooer for cars that John Q Public can purchase to my knowledge. Just commercial stuff.

Commercial Movers

 Movers - Commercial Movers Moving your entire business is not easy. It involves a lot of planning and paperwork. That’s why the best way to cut down your worries is by hiring a reliable commercial mover. We understand that your business moving requires a lot of care as there could be computers, coffee machines, tables, racks of important files and a lot more. This is why we suggest you check with your commercial mover for the insurance coverage that he offers in case of damage and loss. Make it a point to personally check on what’s being packed and loaded by the commercial mover. Make a list of each and every thing that is packed and loaded.

 Movers Contractors For Commercial Movers In Toronto, On Having a license with the STATE DOT, US DOT or ICC according to your commercial moving requirements is very important. That’s why you must check with your commercial mover. Ask him what’s going to happen if your cargo ends up being a little heavier than planned. Some movers calculate on the basis of per kilogram and others on every square foot that your belongings require.

There’s a good chance that your contractor is still adding the last few touches to

your new office, and storage is required for your belongings. You must discuss it with your commercial mover. Clarify with your mover regarding sudden expenses that you could incur. Ask him who’s going to pay the charges for the parking? What if the moving estimate that he had given you earlier is lesser than what you finally incur? What if the commercial mover fails to deliver your stuff on time? Get answers to all of these uncertainties even before you hire a commercial mover.

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