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Senior citizen requires 2 men plus 16 ft. truck to load truck unload contents to a Storage Locker. 

Marlene P

We live in a one-story 1900 sf home. Depending on cost, we would like at least someone to load the truck and drive it, or perhaps also have them do the packing as well. 

Mary A

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1.00 Can you suggest any improvements to my writing?

Q. “It always rains when I think about her. You should see it, the streets of Chicago, right after a summer shower. Muddy puddles of piss and drink line the sidewalk trails through the city jungle while the harsh yellow streetlights glare angrily down from above. It’s a dirty city, as dirty and angry and disgusting as the people who live in it. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with it. The pollution, the crime, and the perversion. The people are the worst, the filth that wander the streets, the corruption in the clubs and the freaks in the lobby. I can’t stand to meet anyone new anymore; you never can tell who they are, too much happening behind the scenes, as they say. She was the same way; she just played the game better then most. I met her…my Judith…it was raining of course, I remember that. God knows why though when I’ve tried to forget everything else. It always rains when I think about her and now that she’s back in town, I think it might rain forever...” The rain started in a slow drizzle as Dean Murphy was walking down the mud covered street towards the entrance of the Little Easy Saloon, a modest back alley dive popular with the down and out who still pretended to class and style. It was a decent sort of place, a place where a man could sit, have a drink or a few laughs with good company, and still feel worth his salt in the morning. If a drunk got rolled every few weeks or a corpse showed up once or twice a year, it was all just part of the price you had to pay for sophistication. Besides the glasses were clean, the liquor cheap, and everybody minded their own. Well, mostly everybody. A great roar of approval and applause erupted from the next block over just as Dean stepped up to the doorman and he knew that the revered and retired Mr. August Whitmore must have arrived at the Rum Rhapsody. He’d seen it in the papers today, the rage of all the headlines. It wasn’t just any night that the man they called the King of Ivory deigned to put on a charity show at the most popular club in town. Socialites and debutantes from all over the city had surely begun congregating hours ago, anticipating his arrival and working the rumor mill. They were just pawns though; the real movers and shakers wouldn’t show up for another hour or so. A few minutes before the show, a line of imported cars and limos would line up down the street, jockeying and pushing for position to drop their respective charges off on the red carpet. Gangsters, politicians, other celebrities, the people that knew the in and outs of power. The battle would begin in earnest the moment a reporter asked a question and would continue on throughout the night, well past the show, and into the back rooms of smoke filled gentlemen’s clubs or shady alley murder cases. Good business for a man like Dean if he wanted it. He knew enough of the right people to play, and he could make quite a living exposing this or hiding that. It didn’t appeal to him though. The lies, the deceit, you couldn’t trust one of them. He’d done just about everything possible to avoid that nest of vipers for the last six years, went about his business, and did it his own way. The right way. Not that it seemed to matter anymore with Judith back in town. It was her way, always. It took a few seconds for Dean’s eyes to adjust to the dark of the club. There were more people then usual milling around the tables; new rejects from the game around the corner, disheartened when they realized they didn’t have the clout to attend. Dean knew it would prove to be an interesting night, he might even find some decent work. It had been two months since his last major case and you can only live so long on following housewives around for their over possessive husbands. Music wafted through the air as the band on stage started playing. Dean had never seen the singer before and turned to watch her as he waited at the bar. Her voice was heavy and sultry as she sang… “Whisper…Softly in my ear and hold me near, sweetly my dear Whisper…while you hold me tight we can make things right, in the dead of night Whisper ohhhhh whisper, I want to hear your voice I want to feel you close, oh whisper, ohhhh whisper…” The melody hung hauntingly in the air for a few seconds before the singer, a little bluebird dressed in dark velvet and lace, dropped her voice an octave to punctuate the deeper bass undertones of the music. She grasped the microphone like an adulterer stealing a midnight’s kiss in a darkened booth and her hips swayed seductively side to side, captivating the eye in a sinuous dance of shadowed grace. She swept the room with her gaze and settled it squarely on Dean. He turned away from the stage and motioned the bartender over.

A. This reminds me of classic writing- gritty, thought provoking and very insightful. I am able to get the "feel" of the city in the description and your flow is outstanding. There are no improvements I can suggest to you, as it is already well written.

1.00 How much do professional movers charge to move an apartment full of stuff?

Q. I live in an apartment, but have a heavy couch and TV, and the normal amount of stuff to fill an apartment. Anyone know about how much mover's would charge me total? Thank you.

A. $500 or so.

1.00 Local Professional Movers in Philadelphia?

Q. I am planning to move within University City (9 block distance) and I am looking for professional movers that are reliable and reasonably priced. Has anyone hired movers in this area that they can recommend? Thanks!

A. I have had good experiences with Broad Street Movers. Their number is: (267) 439-4885.

1.00 When hiring a mover, will they hook up your electronics?

Q. I am moving tomorrow, I have hired professional movers to do the job. My big concern is that I have no clue on how to hook up my VCR, DVD players. Does anyone know if they would hook that kind of stuff up for me?

A. The movers have never hooked up my electronics and I have moved many times. You can, however, contact services and businesses (Best Buy did mine) in the city you move to and hire them to do it for you. Movers basically move your goods from one location to another, they do not have the technical skill or insurance to hook up electronics, best to leave that to those who do.

1.00 How much does it cost to hire professional movers?

Q. I am moving from a 2 bedroom condo to a house. The distance between the 2 places is an hour. I plan to do all of the packing myself, so it would just be boxes and heavy furniture. Thanks!

A. It depends on where you are, but in SF Bay Area, it costs between $100 to $120 an hour for professional movers, plus double rate ($100 to $120 for 30 minutes) for driving time. You can get free quote at rent.com (see the link below).

1.00 Are there any good and reputable professional movers in Lansing?

Q. I'm debating upon having professional movers to move my belongings. Entire move is local within the city of Lansing. I'm having problems recruiting people to help me since I've moved around so much and hate asking the same people more than twice to help me move. Now I'm officially going to move into my own apartment and hopefully staying put for awhile. I wondered if anyone knew of a really good and reputable moving company in Lansing? I was thinking about "Quick And Easy Moving LLC," but haven't made up my mind yet.

A. Since it is local....hire "Two Men and a Truck". Much better then Mayflower. I have used both. I don't know Quick and Easy Moving LLC

1.00 Can you explain how moving works when you are using professional movers?

Q. We're relocating several states away, and the company is paying to have us moved. ALSO - we will be in temporary housing (read: much smaller than what we have now) for a while, so we'll probably want some things where we're living and others in a storage unit. What are some guidelines for working with movers, and will they work with us on what we do/don't want in our temporary space? Do you tip movers? I've never had the luxury of professional movers before - we've always done it within the same city and with the help of people we know. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

A. Hi Iris, I have done this many times. With the professional movers, you are better off leaving the house until they are almost done. You come back and sign the paperwork. You don't have to tip them. They will put your items in storage until you move into your new place. They don't deal with temporary housing. Pack your items that you will take to temporary housing (clothes, toiletries, etc).. Leave a note on the suitcases that says "DO NOT PACK." They will not take houseplants, so give them away now. When you are in housing it will be for 30 days or more. This will give you time to find a place to live. Hopefully, it will be in a Residence Inn...they have everything there (dishes, iron, towels, etc.) except for toiletries. They are located near restaurants, but you will want to put something (pasta and bottled sauce) in your suitcase that you can cook if you get hungry after the restaurants close. Check with the airline (if you are flying) and see if they will give a first class upgrade on one way flights. Forward your mail to "General Delivery" of the post office near the hotel or office. Have it start the day that you check in. You go to the counter with your ID and pick up your mail. Call your utility companies the day that you move and have them turned off. If you do it before and give them a date, they will turn you off too soon. When you move into your new place, if anything is damaged, the movers are liable, and the company has paid the insurance. File your claim and they will either fix the damaged items or give you cash to replace them. That's all I can think of for now. I'll edit if something else comes to mind.

1.00 Should we hire professional movers for a piano?

Q. Me and my dad found a nice piano that someone is giving away, and we decided to go and look at it. If it is a nice one my dad said we could have it, but he wants to move it on his own so save money. Should we just move it ourselves, or hire professional movers? P.S we are moving it from San Fransisco to Sacramento, and i heard that long distances moving a piano can destroy it? Is that true as well? Thanks in advanced.

A. Hi- I'm a music major and I know I've answered your questions in the past. Yes you should have a professional company/movers travel with the piano for you. It's no rumor, especially if you put it in the back of a pick up truck, it can be destroyed. The reason is, if it is improperly secured not only can it move around, but if your truck is bumpy (like numerous are) it messes with the strings in drastically impacts the tuning of the instrument and can lead to permanent damage. It would cost you more to get it repaired than to move it, especially since you are risking irreversible damage. I'd say since it's a considerable distance and not in the same city, you should get a mover. (especially since you are getting the piano free and didn't have to pay a considerable bill there)

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